Nuñez has coached some of the top players in the game including French Open.

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Our Alumni Are our Pride

For over 30 years, internationally renowned Coach Nuñez has coached some of the top players in the game including French Open Champions, top juniors in the world, NCAA and USTA National Champions. Although hundreds of players come through our courts, every player is special and NTT strives to make each player feel as though they are part of the ever-growing Nuñez family. NTT is proud of each and every player that has made the most of their training with us and maximized their potential!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to camp?

A player must always be prepared with the essential training gear for example you should never forget your: sunscreen, hat, extra change of clothes, sweater, water bottle, towel, bathing suit, racquets, extra socks, and a pair of sandals.

Where do we go for lunch while in the program?

During camp hours the academy goes to lunch as a group to the food court at the Aventura Mall or at a local restaurant. We do make sure you eat a healthy balanced meal.

How do I know I will be placed in the right group?

Each player is evaluated before being placed in a group. We determine the level the player is at by various aspects such as agility, movement, consistency, technique, and effort.

How do I determine what training program is right for me?

First you must determine what your goals are. Do you want to play in your first tournament? Do you already play tournaments, and want to win your first tournament? Are you looking to improve your overall health and stamina?

How do you measure improvement?

We conduct physical fitness tests to measure how much you have improved and what areas you must work on as well as video analysis of your game which you can bring back every time you are in the program to see the improvements you have made over time.

Can I add private lessons to my training program?

Yes, you are welcome to schedule private lessons, with the coach of your choice, to your training program which will be made available to you at a discounted price!

Do you offer boarding?

We do with Family Hosts, also other arrangements can be made.

Can I borrow a racquet?

We can lend you a racket and we will recommend the the correct racket for your game.